Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution

BACLAW intervenes and provides its services for alternative dispute resolutions through arbitration and mediation.

Our team is effective in the use of alternative dispute resolution procedure to avoid a dispute or prevent one from escalating.

Arbitration and Mediation

Since its foundation, BACLAW has consolidated its reputation in national and international arbitration. Our lawyers enjoy international profiles, allowing us to provide advice on both common law and civil law matters and in different languages (English, Spanish, and French)

BACLAW’s partners are actively involved as arbitrators, and have participated in the most important arbitration proceedings Ecuador has been involved in, both nationally and internationally.

Several lawyers of the Firm act as arbiters in some of the most prominent Courts of Ecuador; specifically, Arbitrator at the American Ecuadorian Chamber of Commerce, at the Chamber of Construction of Quito, at the Quito Chamber of Commerce, and at the International Arbitration and Mediation British-Ecuadorian Chamber-CIAM.

Our arbitration team advises clients before, during and after the arbitration proceeding.

Litigation and Debt Collection

BACLAW provides legal assistance and representation all fields of Law and before any of the various jurisdictions that exist in Ecuador.

Our practice in lawsuits and appeals reaches up to the highest courts, like the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court.

Our debt collection practice includes judicial and extrajudicial debt collection, civil lawsuits, temporary receivership and bankruptcy, as well as other legal proceedings.

We offer flexible solutions and specialized assistance with:

  • Civil and Commercial Litigation.
  • Administrative proceedings.
  • Enforcement of judgments and awards.
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