Public Law

Public Law

Our Public Law Practice Area advises private clients, mixed and public sector entities in every aspect of administrative and constitutional law.

We have worked with Public central or local entities, state owned companies, municipal companies, public private partnerships, private dealers, multilateral agencies, investment banks and consulting firms.

BACLAW advice and participate on behalf of their clients in public procurement through the presentation of tenders, and fulfillment of pre-contractual documentation. Our lawyers are also in the position to prepare studies, drafts and pre-contractual documents, biddings to public invitations to tender, whether from the State or other entities of the public or private sector.

Our members are highly experienced as they have been members of procurement committees and commissions of public entities, and companies where the Ecuadorian state is the major stockholder. This experience translates itself into the preparation of:

  • Pre-contractual drafts
  • Eligibility qualifications
  • Assessment of offers
  • Advice on agreements and contracts
  • Legal representation and establishment of warranties
  • Handling and monitoring of contracts
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